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The results are in, and so is President Elect Donald Trump.

November 10, 2016

The results are in, and so is President Elect Donald Trump.  After a knee-jerk, crash like sell-off in the futures market Tuesday night, US equity markets are at all-time highs.  Why?

Globalization and free-trade are ultimately good things.  Emerging and developing economies are sharing in the wealth, and there is a sharing of ideas and values across borders. Perhaps though, things have moved too quickly and too many have been left behind as innovation in technology/ideas race ahead (perhaps blindly).  While the forces behind globalization are here to stay, we may have reached a point where we have to let people catch-up. As it turns out, there’s a lot who have fallen off the pace, and if we don’t help pull them forward, they may actually pull everyone back.  We need to find new ways of expanding the global wealth pie -merely transferring ownership from one group to another is not a win-win outcome. There will always be hard feelings on the part of those whose share of the pie is shrinking. Read More…

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The Impact of the US Elections on its Neighbours to the North

October 12, 2016